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These are Adobe .PDF files from high resolution scans of the originals. Many thanks to Robert Pemberton for providing the source material.

Warning: These files are pretty large, some up to 16MB and so a high-speed internet connection is best.

Sail Yacht 35 Brochure
Sail Yacht 35 Ad
Sail Yacht 35 Review  from Popular Boating July 1963

Carribean 35 Brochure
Carribean 35 Ad

Cherokee 32 Brochure
Cherokee 32 Ad

Apache 37 Brochure
Apache 37 Ad
Apache 37 Review

Comanche 42 Brochure
Comanche 42 Ad

Capri 26 Brochure
Capri 26 Ad
Capri 26 Review  from Popular Boating Nov. 1965

Capri 30 Brochure
Capri 30 Ad
Capri 30 Review from Popular Boating May. 1964

Capitan 26 Brochure
Capitan 26 Ad

Shields 30 Brochure
Shields 30 Ad

Chris Craft 8ft Pram Kit Advertisement