Welcome to the Datacube Products web Page.

Datacube was a leader in image processing for many years. It no longer exists, but this page is a snapshot of the products and technologies delveloped by Datacube. This is from a product information CD from 1999, at the peak of Datacube's technology.

Here is the top level. You can access it all from here: all the corporate and product info, demos, etc.

The corporate web site, www.datacube.com no longer exists and the email links no longer work.

I couldn't get these old .AVI files  video's to link correctly, but here they are. But the the MV Finder video has no sound. And I couldn't get Winamp or Media Player to play the Corporate Presentation. If you save them to disk and then click on them you may have better luck.

Corporate Video Presentation  (10 minutes, 240MB)

Machine Vision Finder Tool Video (3 minutes, 30MB)