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Photo Gallery 25:
May  2003: Charleston, South Carolina to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

.Michelle and cousin Sarah read on the beach at Isle of Palms in South Carolina
Isle of Palms Beach on a Friday in May
Dave and his sister, Ann
Sarah and Michelle
"Rainbow Row" in Charleston, South Carolina
Alex's favorite piece of that rainbow
The architecture is intriguing in Charleston
Homes were originally built sideways to the street to keep taxes lower, as property was taxed based on street frontage.
The Battery in Charleston
The Battery in Charleston is built along the water on Charleston Harbor
Each home is a special sight
Different types of architecture come together in the Battery
A porch with a view
This estate is now a hotel, where for $240-$350 a night, you can stay in a room with a 12 foot ceiling, a 4 poster bed, breakfast and tea in the garden
A side yard!
The neighborhoods of Charleston
Notice the palm tree?
Michelle and Sarah hangin' out in Michelle's "room"
Sarah's grandmother, Grannie Bea, is our oldest and most distinguished guest of the trip
"The Market" in downtown Charleston
More new friends, Graham, Nicola and Amelie, from South Africa by way of New Jersey, aboard Skimmer
South Carolina low country
Trees are beginning to appear again in the landscapes
Sailing up the ICW is often like living in an IMAX film.
Nature is all around you, in sweeping 360 degree views.
Dave, still smiling
It feels weird sometimes to be sailing so close to the marsh.
Just around the bend...
flocks of migrating birds birds...
and...George Town, South Carolina
Downtown George Town, South Carolina
An older home of George Town
A magnolia tree graces the side of this home
Alex's favorite George Town home
Back on the ICW again, we enter winding rivers through the cypress swamps
The weather in the South this time of year includes thunder storms OFTEN!
We 're getting good at weather forecasting with the clouds. This storm is still several hours off, but building.
A mother osprey sitting on her nest on a day mark in the ICW
The ICW winds along many rivers in South Carolina
Osprey nest in a cypress tree
Docks along the Great Cypress Swamp
Guess who! Our first alligator sighting. It made us a little nervous that he swam amongst the boats at Barefoot Landing.
A barge is pushed by a tug past boats rafted at Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Our second alligator sighting in one day!
Cool decor at The House of Blues in Myrtle beach, South Carolina.
Home Sweet Home
The outdoor bar and stage at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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