Welcome to The Second Sojourn Sail Trip
Photo Gallery 27:
June  2003:  Annapolis to Sandy Hook NJ

.Big Navy hospital ship returning from Iraq to Baltimore
View from our mooring in Anapolis. We stayed here 5 days.
Statue of Alex Hailey
Alex in Annapolis
View from the mooring
Typicla afternoon sky in late June. Man did it pour!
In DC we spent the day at the Smithsonian
Trilobytes are cool!
The Hope Diamond
Le Metro
Another Building
Grass and sidewalks
In the Naval Academy museum of ship models. Amazing!
Back under the bay bridges to the north end of the Chesapeake,
then thru the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to Delaware City,
then down Delaware Bay to Cape May NJ.
Amazing Vicrorians in Cape May NJ
 In Sandy Hook after an overnight from Cape May

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