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Photo Gallery 8:
November-December 2002:  Fernandina Beach FL to St Augustine FL

Fernandina Beach FL
Fernandina Beach is the northernmost town on the east coast of Florida.
Fernandina Beach FL
A neat B&B in Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach

Fort that guards St Mary's inlet at the border of FL and GA

The fort at Fernandina State Park

Pablo Creek in the morning between Fernandina and St Augustine

Castille de St Marcos, St Augustine

Rest and Relaxation at last...

St. Augustine

Carriage Rides in St Augustine

That's us on the left.

Turrets at the castle in St. Augustine

St. Augustine downtown

Flagler Memorial Presbetarian Church

Flagler College in St. Augustine

The historic district in St. Augustine

The historic district in St. Augustine

We really should stop feeding her the Miracle Grow

Flagler Memorial Presbetarian Church

Dad and kid

The main street in St. Augustine

View of the anchorage from the Castille in St Augustine

The Castille

"Hey, I can see my boat from here!"

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