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Hi, I'm Dave Erickson, an EE. My real job is Principal EE at Infraredx where we make Cardiac Catheter systems. At home, I build electronics for home and instrument applications. I like to mix analog and digital hardware design and software in a complete system with sensors, data acquisition, processing, display and a bit of communications thrown in.

To an extent, this is to show what can be done at the hobby level, with a bt of time and ingenuity. Right now it's called BoatBus II for lack of a better name.  It uses processors, LCD displays controlled by FPGA, and lots of analog sensors. It uses a simple RS-485 network to allow multiple sensors and displays can talk to each other. I'm making it wide-open so others can use what I've developed. Schematics, PC layouts, FPGA's and source code are all posted here. Need FPGA code for an LCD controller? It's here. Need a simple graphics library? RS485 network protocol? All here. Enjoy!BoatBus I

For the past few years I've been working on this networked display and data acquisition system. It's a work in progress, and I plan to use it on both my boat and at home to display and control lots of stuff.  I did the first generation of a similar system about 12 years ago (1993). It used a surplus LCD panel, a 68hc11 micro, and a bunch of code and custom hardware, including an LCD controller in an FPGA. It was a single box system designed to provide my boat with a bunch of marine-type data: wind speed and direction, boat speed and direction. It also provided rudimentary navigation by maintaining a dead-reckoning track. I used it for two years aboard my old boat. When I moved to a newer, larger boat, I never installed it. It's size was inconvenient and not really wort the hassle to wire it all up.

Since then, LCDs and FPGAs have gotten a bit better, procesors are faster and more integrated, and C tools have gotten a bit better. The updated, BoatBus II uses modern technology and tools.

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