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Photo Gallery 11:
January  2002:  Bahamas: The Abacos

After a couple of days in the remote islands, we sailed to the resort island of Spanish Cay for a few days of civilization.
"The fleet" is Navigator, Lady Lex, Shenandoah, and Second Sojourn. Sirocco is off to the left.
Lisa, Allan and Dylan from Navigator, hard at work in the Spanish Cay hot tub
School, Bahamian style
Dylan, getting ready to go snorkeling
Jeannie and Ray from Sirocco
Main Street, Spanish Cay
The cemetery on Green Turtle Cay
The Library on Green Turtle Cay, from whence many of you got email!
New Plymouth, the settlement on Green Turtle Cay
George and Leo from the sailing vessel "Shenandoah"
The waterfront at Green Turtle Cay
You can sail by the water color here. This blue means deep, the turquoise water means much less deep!
Palm trees are everywhere
The beaches really are like the travel brochures. Great Guana Cay
Leo and George, Dave, and Cliff and Pam from "Lady Lex"
Yet another beautiful Happy Hour spot
Dave and Alex at Great Guana Cay
                                                                                      Captain and crew of the Second Sojourn
New Providence Harbor
Our buddies Sirroco and Shenandoah in White Sound
Leo, Pam, George, Cliff and Dave at the Nippers Bulldozer

Dave on the color dozer
Cliff and Pam of "Lady Lex"
Ray and Jeannie of "Sirocco"

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