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Photo Gallery 12:
January  2002:  Bahamas: The Abaco Islands

Marsh Harbor at  last! The third largest "town" in the Bahamas.

Marsh Harbor at sunset. Imagine the sound of a dozen conch horns to signal the arrival of evening!

Another hard day of sailing

Dave, Sue, Don (Cal's dad) and Cal from Cocoknots

Evi from Wonderland and Kitty and Scott from Tamure

Local shells at the conch salad stand

Step 1 for conch salad: remove the conch

Evi, Dave's partner in racing, aboard the sailing vessel Wonderland

"The Cheesers"  Kiki (left), Colby (front) and Bri (rear) from Cocoknots

The settlement side of Marsh Harbor

Friends stop by to say good-by as we head off towads Eleuthera: Evi, Ginny, Kitty, Scott, George and Leo

Hope Town, Abaco

Michelle has a substitiute teacher: Jeannie from Sirocco teaches Shell some tricks for memorizing

Conch shell: soon to be our new conch horn

The local post office is upstairs on the left! The mail boat comes weekly.

Warm, friendly restaurant in Hope Town

Main Street, Hope Town, Abaco

A quiet resting spot

Bird of Paradise

A spot with a view

Christmas decorations in the tropics

This hermit crab thinks he's hiding! Who would notice?

Afternoon conch fritter break for Jeannie, Ray and Dave

The local cafe, home of the conch fritters

Pink sand beaches in HopeTown, Abaco

Alex, Dave, Michelle, Jeannie and Ray atop the Hope Town lighthouse
Angel's Trumpets: Alex's favorite flower shot of the trip

Such favorites will be shown twice!

Sunset and Sirocco (dot on the left of the island) from the lighthouse

Hope Town Harbor

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