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Photo Gallery 13:
January  2002:  Bahamas: Abaco Islands to Eleuthera

Laundry day in Hope Town Harbor

Out to lunch in Hope Town

A cross street in Hope Town

Many water colors show the water depths

Yellow Elder, the Bahamian National flower

Hope Town homes

Butterfly on Spider Lily

A breezy day


Hope Town

Another Hope Town hide-a-way

The Hope Town telephone office. This is what we mean when we say it's hard to call!

The Hope Town All-age School (grades k-6)

4th, 5th and 6th grade classroom

Snorkeling spot on the ocean side of Elbow Cay (Hope Town). The darker areas are the reefs.

A shop window shows the thoughful, heartfelt sentiment of theBahamian people about the Space Shuttle Columbia.

The laudromat at $4.00 a wash and another $4.00 to dry! This island makes it's own water from the ocean by reverse osmosis.

Our 4th crew member, Otto (short for Ottohelm).

Heading south to Eleuthera with Sirocco in 20 knots of northeasterlies

Royal Harbor, north of the isalnd of Eleuthera

A deserted resort at Royal Harbor

For those of you who asked, our home away from home

Welcome to Eleuthera

The fishing fleet in Spanish Wells, an island north of Eleuthera

Conch shells

The Spanish Wells All-age School is grades k-12!

Pointsettas in the cemetery at Spanish Wells

Bananas with flower

At first glance Eleuthera looks like parts of Maine

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