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Photo Gallery 14:
January  2002:  Bahamas: Eleuthera

.The rocky shores of Eleuthera have caves and indentations where the sea has worn away the limestone rock

Bottlenose dolphins love to play in the bow wake

"Dave, I don't think that's the entrance!"

The leap before the dive under the bow

And under!

And back around again. Off Georgia, the dolphins played like this for 45 minutes!

And then he left as quickly as he showed up.

Yes, it was the entrance to Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

Caves under the limestone are amazing to explore with mask and snorkel

Can you find the manta ray?

Ray, Jeannie and Dave on the beach where Ray  was stationed in the navy in 1962-1964

Local fisherman cleaning the catch of the day

Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera

Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera

The laudromat at Hatchet Bay

Hatchet Bay All-age School

The anchorage at Hatchet Bay

The church at Hatchet Bay

Alex and Dave meet Jen, Bailey, Ainsley (front), Amy and Jaimie from Duxbury, Massachusetts on their yearly vacation on Eleuthera

The limestone rock is pitted from ocean spray and rain, and is sharp and challanging to walk on.

Jeannie, Ray and Dave at "The Glass Window" in northern Eleuthera

"The Glass Window" has Atlantic Ocean on the east and Eleuthera Sound on the west

The waves from the ocean are busy working on cutting through the narrowest point in Eluethera. Good thing it was only half tide!

The west side of "The Glass Window."

Mud holes in the limestone above the ocean on the eastern side of Eleuthera

Gregory Town, Eleuthera

We were told the local bakery was at the top of the hill! It was!


Deep caves beneath the limestone

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