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Photo Gallery 15:
January  2002:  Bahamas: Eleuthera to the Exumas

Second Sojourn in Alabaster Bay, Eleuthera.

A snorkeling adventure in Alabaster Bay

The church in Governor's Harbor

The settlement of Governor's Harbor

Sunset in Rock Sound, Eleuthera

The last rays of the sun on the clouds before another cold front

Hmmm. The weather seems to be declining!

The squall line cometh.

Batten down the hatches.

After the front come the northerly winds and the opportunity to dry the laundry!

The passage to the Exumas. It was Otto's turn to steer again!

Our first sight of Warderick Wells, the headquarters of Exuma Land and Sea Park

A sperm whale that washed up on the beach at Warderick Wells after consuming plastic

The view of the west mooring field from the Ranger Station at Warderick Wells

Moorings have been set in the channel along Warderick Wells Harbor

Bahamian Mockingbird

The hiking trails at Warderick Wells are a little rougher than the ones at home.

A sink hole in the limestone collects rain water that filters down to the lens, a puddle of fresh water beneath the land, which supplies the only fresh water for the plants here.

Iguana, just hangin' out

Bubba, the Warderick Wells "pet" barracuda, who hangs out under dinghies in the shade

"It was THIS big!" It was a thrilling day when Whiskey Dream came across the VHF requesting a mooring at Warderick Wells! George and Dave compare sailing stories on the Ranger Station porch.

These warblers are found all over the Bahamas where fish water is available

Lesley and Dave on the trail to Boo Boo Hill at Warderick Wells

Whiskey Dream on a mooring at Warderick Wells

Alex's favorite shot of her favorite place in all the Bahamas!

Warderick Wells Harbor

The northern part of the island with the deep Exuma Sound on the right and the harbor at Warderick Wells on the left

George and Lesley and Whiskey Dream head north to the Abacos and beyond.

The first cup didn't quite do it!

The anchorage behind Thunderball Grotto

White Oleander

Sea Grapes

Directions to the grocery store!

The grocery store is the blue building at the top of the hill in Staniel Cay

Blooming aloe in front of the pink grocery store at Staniel Cay

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