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Photo Gallery 18:
March  2002:  Warderick Wells, Exuma to Highborn Cay, Exuma

.Michelle, Dave, Ian and Scott hanging out aboard Tamare

Michelle sharing Susan's photo album

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning...and what a day it was! The first of a 4 day cold front with 30 knot winds, to be followed with another 2 days of 25 knot winds. The weather has been intense.

Michelle off for a walk at Warderick Wells

Dave, Kitty, Susan, Scott and Ian take a water break on a hike at Warderick Wells Land and Sea Park

Bahama Dave (and the infamous grill pizza Joan taught us how to make!)

Did you know yellow-tail jacks like barbecue chicken? This one scarfed an entire chicken breast that fell off the grill! Whole!

Lemon sharks live under the dock at Warderick Wells. That's a ramora attached to it.

Red sky at night is another story all together!

This white squall line brought several inches of rain, which we scooped out of the dinghy and used for washing laundry! You gotta be creative to get 40 gallons to stretch 8 days.

Hummmm. Weather again! Front after front hit as we sailed north up the Exumas.

Waves with the front at Warderick Wells

After 3 days of 30 knot winds, we couldn't stand being cooped up anymore,. Destination: Nassau by way of Highborn Cay. Tamare and Rebel X are in the foreground.

Ian and Susan's boat, Rebel X

Ray and Jeannie on Sirocco heard us on the radio and met us at Highborn Cay. Dave and Jeannie were in charge of the Goombay Smashes.

Michelle, Jeannie, Dave and Ray in the cockpit of Sirocco

Ian and Kitty aboard Sirocco telling tales of  the sea

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