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Photo Gallery 19:
March  2002:  Nassau, New Providence

Civilization! Sailing up Nassau Harbor

The first view of Atlantis ( in the background) at Paradise Island

The anchorage in Nassau with Atlantis in the background

Heading into the town of Nassau to check it out with Ray and Jeannie

Nassau police

The Queen Mother

Michelle, Ian and Dave at the Parliament building in Nassau

Downtown Nassau

Exploring Nassau


Susan, Michelle, Dave, Alex and Ian stop for lunch in Nassau

This church shows some of the beautiful, old architecture in Nassau

A statue of Christopher Columbus, who discovered San Salvador, an island in the Bahamas.

An exhibit shows the various types of coral we've seen on our snorkeling adventures. This is lettuce coral, and is pale green underwater.

The elliptical coral was generally a yellow or gold underwater

Thin leaf lettuce coral was generally pale brown when we saw it.

Finger coral in its usual color. Corals take on the colors of the algae that are growing on it.

Symmetrical coral tends to be shades of yellow, but is sometimes white underwater.

We haven't actually seen this coral yet. We can hardly wait.

This is a small piece of Elkhorn coral, which grows on top of reefs and in shallow waters just below the surface. It tends to be golden colored in the wild, and can grow to 2-3 feet high.

Ian and Susan and Alex, Dave and Michelle took the bus to the Ardastra Gardens and Zoo in Nassau.

A type of blue jay


Chenille plants in the garden

Heliconia, Lobster Claw

In many places we found plants that had been grafted or transplanted into interesting spots.

Bromeliad Carolinae

Many birds were allowed to roam about the grounds, like this pheasant

Flamingo 55 is part of the group of flamingos who are trained to perform

Strutting his stuff

The mating dance

A family

The Flamingo Show

The flamingos are still strutting after the show

Shell Ginger

Our buddy likes to pose


Michelle and a Maluccan Cockatoo from the Maluccan Islands, a chain of islands north of Australia.

Good-by, Michelle.

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