Welcome to The Second Sojourn Sail Trip
Photo Gallery 20:
March  2002:  Nassau and Atlantis, Paradise Island

.The blooms on this tree resembled red brushes.

Nassau Harbor with cruise boats in the background

The mail boat stopped at each out island only once a week, when returned here to send the mail.

Supply boats also stop at each out island only once a week.

Along the walls of this Atlantis restaurant is a giant aquarium.

A restaurant at Atlantis on Paradise Island

A school of grunts in the aquarium

French angels and a yellow tailed jack with a spade fish in the background

This manta ray was 6 feet across

A parrot fish

An eagle ray in the Atlantis aquarium

A queen trigger fish. Notice the teeth.

An eagle ray in the Atlantis tank

Outside on the back porch of Atlantis

Water sports for the Atlantis guests

And, of course, the casino

Michelle and Dave at the entrance to Atlantis

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