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Photo Gallery 23:
March  2002:  Intracoastal Waterway, Georgia

As we travel up the ICW through the marshes, we see many Great Egrets fishing along the shores.

The ranger station at Cumberland Island National Seashore

Cumberland Island is the furthest southern barrier island in Georgia.

Second Sojourn at anchor off Cumberland Island

Michelle and Dave on the trail through the maritime forest

The trail from the forest weaves through the dunes on the way to the beach

Michelle walks on the beach at Cumberland Island

Near Cumberland Island is St. Mary's, Georgia.

Alex and Michelle relax in one of the many, many swings we have found along the water in the south.

Bed and Breakfast in St. Mary's, Georgia

Another B&B in St. Mary's

First Presbyterian Church in St. Mary's, Georgia

Shrimp boats

Dave heads out on the trail across Cumberland Island

An armadillo! How cute is he?

The gates to "Dungeness" at Cumberland Island

The ruins of "Dungeness"

Wild horses

The Cumberland Island car graveyard

The boardwalk to the marsh

Tiny fiddler crabs

Alex heads over the dunes off  the marsh trail. Can you tell how blonde she's gotten?

"Cottages" at Jekyll Island

The hotel at Jekyll Island

The verandah and the dining room at the hotel

A small Magnolia tree starting to bloom

The Crane's winter house, for when the season is too cold for "The Castle" (in Ipswich)

Kilkenny Marina-Great folks

Second Sojourn at the Kilkenny Marina dock

Kilkenny, Georgia

Fish bait is always available in Georgia

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