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Photo Gallery 24:
May  2003:  Isle of Hope, Georgia to Beaufort, South Carolina

8 miles west of Savannah, the Intracoastal Waterway winds along past homes and docks.

The main street in Isle of Hope, Georgia, where we stayed in a marina when we went to Savannah

The bus to Savannah stopped in this Isle of Hope neighborhood, a block from the marina.

Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah

Savannah's historic district looks a bit like Boston plus Spanish moss

Jasmine makes a beautiful scent that floats along on the May breezes throughout Savannah

The Savannah River Cruise boat

The original streets in Savannah were made of the rocks which were used as ballast on ships coming from Europe

A statue of John Wesley, founder of Methodism, stands in Reynolds Square in "Old Savannah."

A break from carriage tours on a 95 degree day in Savannah

Magnolia blossoms

Old Savannah is laid out on a grid with "town squares" every other block. Many of the squares have lovely churches, like the Independent Presbyterian Church.

Streets like these line the many squares.

Along another town square in the 2 square mile historic district of Old Savannah

OK. Imagine the truck isn't there. Now imagine the sign and the parking meter have been removed. Add a park bench and a box of chocolates, and you have the film location for Tom Hanks to tell Forest Gump's life story, while waiting for the bus.

The next neighborhood overlooking another square

The doorways and ironwork of  the homes in Old Savannah are works of art.

Church along a square

The Magnolia blooms are just beginning to emerge in May. Soon the trees will be covered with these 9 inch blossoms.

Look what we found!

The first Girl Scout Headquarters in the United States. The first member of Troop 334 to call me and say you found this, will win a prize!

The First Headquarters is also on the ghost tour in Savannah!

The steeples of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Jasmine, lovely ironwork, palm trees and live oaks

The second member of Troop 334 to call and tell me you found this, will also get a prize!

The birthplace of the founder of Girl Scouts of the United States

Amazing architecture

Back on the ICW and headed north. The Waterway will wind off to the left and come around in front of the docks. Only about 1000 miles to go!

On the way home from catching shrimp

We use ranges to stay on course in Georgia. When the next range lines up with this one, we will be on course.

When the 9 foot tide in Georgia goes out, it even leaves some Waterway markers high and dry. We'll be taking this mark WELL to port!

Entering Georgia low country. The marshes go on and on for as far as the eye can see, and the subtlety and clarity of colors are not seen anywhere else.

Historic Beaufort, South Carolina

A Beaufort, South Carolina neighborhood. This Beaufort is pronounced "Bew-fort", as opposed to "Boooh-fort," which is in North Carolina

A tidal estuary

Beaufort, South Carolina

The stairs to number 406

Live oaks shade old Beaufort, South Carolina homes

Low tide along the Intracoastal Waterway

Jasmine is blooming from St. Augustine, Florida to Beaufort, South Carolina in May

Live oaks don't shed their leaves all at once, hence the name. Notice the Spanish moss hanging on the trees.

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